Yankee Pot Roast is Coming

on Monday, 13 January 2014. Posted in Workshops



Delicious, Mouth-watering Yankee Pot Roast is coming to GorgePrep!

This meal is to die for!  It is so very, very good you and everyone else you know will be asking for seconds and even third servings.  And guess what?  This delicious dinner is as simple to make as "boiling water and stirring!"  GorgePrep's own Meals-in-a-Jar" instructor, Tracey, will be hosting our Winter Meals-in-a-Jar I workshop on Tuesday, January 21. So sign up now or be sorry!

All of our "Meals-in-a-Jar" workshop use great tasting ingredients from Thrive (sold at our Merc!) that have been freeze dried to maximize long-term shelf life, although we seriously doubt any of your meals-in-a-jar will last the 7 to 10 years that they can safely be left on your shelves (ours lasted about 5 days before we served it to a house full of company).


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